It’s been a dream of mine to take the girls to Paris.  The Eiffel Tower!  Notre Dame!  The Louvre!  And now here we are in the City of Light.

Our first few days in Paris  were a whirlwind.  One of our very first stops was the Jardin de Tuileries to enjoy the playground.DSC_2971v2

Then we were off to the Arc de Triomphe for a view of the city skyline.DSC_3045v2.jpgAnd of course we couldn’t resist stopping by the Eiffel Tower.DSC_3098v2The Eiffel Tower is soooo pretty at night!DSC_3141v2We visited Saint-Chappelle, a church with incredible stained glass, and it may be our favorite church of the entire trip!  The girls’ reactions  as they walked into the cathedral were priceless.

We took the sewer tour.  The girls were hoping to see rats (a.k.a. Remy).  I can’t recommend this tour.  I was so overcome by the stench I had to walk quickly and couldn’t stop to read any of the information on the history of the sewer.  Yuck!

We also visited Les Catacombes de Paris, a fascinating place where more than 6 million people are buried.  The catacomb started as an underground limestone quarry and was later converted to a burial site when the city had run out of places to bury the dead.

Another highlight of the trip was a tour of Notre Dame.  We climbed all the way up to the bell towers.  It was very loud when they rang every 15 minutes!  We all thoroughly enjoyed  the belfry and seeing the last remaining original bell – all of the others had been melted down to make weapons during the war.DSC_3208v2We could imagine Quasimodo swinging around the Belfry!

The views from the tippy top of the church were unbeatable!DSC_3298v2

DSC_3252v2We also visited the Louvre where the girls took us on a scavenger hunt to find the Mona Lisa.  They studied Leonardo da Vinci at their last art camp and were very excited to see her!

In a much anticipated meal we had crepes for dinner.  The girls were not into it but Matt and I loved both our savory crepes and the sweet ones.FullSizeRender-2FullSizeRender-3

It’s been a great couple days and still a couple more to go!

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